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Nanjing Tonghuaxin Electronic Co., Ltd. 通华芯 THX LOGO
CompanyName:Nanjing Tonghuaxin Electronic Co., Ltd. - THX
CompanyIdea:Starting point, high-quality, high-level, creating an international brand name! 
CompanyAddress:jiang, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, No. 699-8 basaltic Xuzhuang Software Park Avenue, a 8210 map
CompanyBrief:Switching power supply chip company with the main direction of development and design, complete control of switching power supply chip core technology. Exclusively in the international arena will be built in chip power management, developed a variety of chips, in addition to a variety of innovative products under development, there are eight applications for invention patents, products such as televisions, computer power supply, DVD, DVB , mobile phone chargers and other consumer electronics pro...
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